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Geeky Guys and Party Girls

This article is part of an ad-hoc collection of pieces based on Myers-Briggs temperament typing. At some point I may try and tie them all together into something more coherent. All these articles are filed under Types

Here is a stereotype for you: A guy with a blog is a geek while a girl with a blog is cool. As often happens, the stereotype has some truth. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I recently discovered an interesting new web tool called Typealyzer.  Give Typealyzer the address of the blog and it returns the Myers-Briggs temperament type for that blogger.

By using my bookmarks, following links, and some random searching I found blogs where I could determine if the blogger was male or female. I then asked Typealyzer to render its opinion.

I found that the most common type for women was ESFP. In other words they were extroverted, friendly people that were less likely to be analytical or intellectual. If I had to pick a description for an ESFP it would be party-girl (or boy). A less popular type for female bloggers was ISFP. If I had to pick a description it would be “artsy” type (or maybe a quiet party girl).

For the male bloggers the majority (almost exclusively) were introverted thinking types. Indeed large numbers came back as introverted iNtuitors (e.g., INTP, INTJ). Given that iNtuitors are only 25 percent of the population (and introverted iNtuitors perhaps eight percent) that result is surprising. If I had to pick a description for INTx it would involve the words geek or nerd. [As a Philosopher Geek I sometimes must speak painful truths]

What stood out was that there were very few extroverted male bloggers, and that most male bloggers were intellectual types. The women, on the other hand, appeared to be mostly extroverted social types.  I should make clear that I did not rely solely on Typealyzer rendering its opinion; the content of the blogs tended to match the type given.

So it seems that some stereotypes are true. Male bloggers are geeky guys and female bloggers are party-girls. Hmmm! Maybe I should start attending blogging conventions; there might be some party-girls there.


Typealyzer does not (at the time of writing) have this blog correct. Indeed as I added entries it changed its opinion radically. It still has not settled on a verdict.

Typealyzer will sometimes change its opinion on a blog over time. But on many blogs is stable and (judging by the blog content) probably correct.

I did find some introverted thinking female and some extroverted feeling male bloggers (I think Typealyzer has a thing for ESFPs). They were a minority though.

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