I had trouble choosing the picture to place here. I wanted a picture that was both flattering and honest. I also wanted a picture that captured some sense of who I was. I did not find such a picture. In a way, using a joke caricature does capture a sense of who I am. So for now, that is all you are getting.
[I am much better looking then the caricature. Really]

This blog is about the particular interests of one particular person (me).  Someone as much interested in “what it means” as “how it works.”  You could say that “it does exactly what it says on the tin,” in that it represents the musings of a philosopher geek (mean people would use the word “nerd”).

Like the blogger (me), this blog will be more generalist than specialist.  And like the blogger (me) it means that this blog may suffer the fate of all generalists in this increasingly specialized world, it may not cover any topic in the depth desired by the experts. In my professional life I would describe myself as a creative generalist. As you can see from the link, I did not coin the term. It is an excellent description though. As a generalist, I expect that my resume will sometimes fall between the keyword cracks. Likewise, I expect this blog will sometimes fall between web-search keyword cracks. Such is the fate of a generalist. [sigh]

I hope that over time I will build up a collection of interesting (I will be happy if they are merely non-boring) articles. Articles that will not be the last word on any subject, but might be the starting point of an interesting journey. Articles that may not always give the final answer, but might inspire you to ask more questions. Remember, I am not just a geek, I am a Philosopher Geek. 🙂

My dark secret is that sometimes I procrastinate (one day I should write a blog entry about that).  Although I love been writ (ahem), I hate writing. I find great satisfaction in a piece well written, but I find great pain in writing it. The ideas may be there, but organizing that into a coherent piece takes longer than I would like. This means that updates may be a bit sporadic. I am not a Twitter type of guy. This is not the Drudgereport.

You may not believe it when looking at the rather plain design, but I do have an interest in aesthetics. It must be said that my interest lies less in artistry and is more about presenting information in a pleasing manner. After trying various looks I settled on the look of my “corporate” page, which was plain by design (I am not a MTV, an advertising agency, nor do I sell “lifestyle” products).

However you got here, I hope you enjoyed at least some of what you read.  If you enjoyed what you found, I hope you come back.  If you did not like what you saw, I am sorry for delaying you on your journey.  It is a big wide web; I hope you find what you are looking for.

“I can write better than anybody who can write faster, and I can write faster than anybody who can write better.”
A. J. Liebling, journalist

Sadly I can do neither but web space is cheap, so let the bits flow!

The caricature was generated at www.sp-studio.de where you can generate your own caricature in the style of South Park.
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