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The Other Irish Diaspora

 The Other Irish Diaspora - Polar Bears May Have Irish Roots

Mass migration is a recurring part of Ireland’s history. From potato blight to economic blight the Irish have frequently needed to leave their homeland. Along with the expected Great Britain, The United States, and Australia, theIrish ended up in places such as Argentina, Mexico, and Chile.

It seems we may be able to add the Artic to that list.

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But Soft, What light. . .

 But Soft, What Light? I explain the quote that is on my business card

I have two quotations on the reverse of my business cards. Some people have asked me about one of them.

The mystery quote is:
But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
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Do be this Guy

 A link to video of some cool cycling by Danny MacAskill

After the mincing, mewling, misery of my previous post I felt that I needed to post something to offset the drain on my testosterone that it caused.

So here is another video of a man doing stunts. No quad bike, no muscles, just a lot of skill.

Nerds, Geeks and Dorks

 The difference between nerds, geeks and dorks explained.

As a philosopher geek it would behoove me to get my terms correct. Like many people I often use the terms “Geek,” “Nerd,” and “Dork” interchangeably. This is not strictly correct as each word has a specific, although somewhat similar, meaning. So in my geeky, or is that nerdish, way I will explain each of the words for you. [… more]

A Real Life Femme Fatale


Some weekend fun.

One of the archetypes mentioned in my article on chick taxonomy was the Femme Fatale. Well it turns out there is a real life version posting on the Internet. Naturally, Typealyzer considers her a party girl.

Have fun nerdy reader, but beware the warnings in my taxonomy article.
The linked blog is probably not work or family safe.

The Nerd as Hero?

 A brief look at the 'The Nerd Series' of books by Vicki Lewis Thompson that feature nerdish heroes.

A frequent complaint from women is that there are no screen roles for the older lady. There might be an element of truth to that if you neglect actresses like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, and Judi Dench (who, at 74, goes to-to-toe with James Bond). Another neglected demographic is geeks. Pretty much any man in a geeky role is played for laughs. If he is an accountant he will be played as meek and simpering. If he is a computer or engineering type he will be played as a misfit who is socially incompetent. You can be fairly sure the role will not be heroic.

Far worse, from a nerd hero perspective, you would imagine are romance novels. You know those books whose cover features longhaired beauties falling into the arms of buff heroes. If cinema will not feature geeky heroes what hope is there for romance novels?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is there a romance novel with a nerd hero but an entire series. Yes, an entire series. [… more]

When Metaphors Attack

 When Metaphors Attack: Bad Corporate Information Dashboard Design
I found the (old) link listed below in my bookmarks. It was filed under “humor.”

The idea of a management dashboard is a useful metaphor.  A dashboard gives you a quick overview of your car’s systems. It alerts you to areas that might need your attention. A management “dashboard” should also give you a quick overview of the enterprise and alert you to areas that might need attention.

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Now I Feel Old

 The Compact Disc (CD) hits thirty and I suddenly feel old.

The news that Compact Disc is thirty years old, made me feel old. Actually I (and you) should relax just a bit; the first discs did not hit the stores until late 1982. So it is not as bad as it first seemed.

Whatever about the sound quality, the album art is just not the same reduced to CD size. The impact of something like Dark Side of the Moon is entirely lost when it not on a 12 inch square. There was some excitement in sliding that big disc out of its cover, placing it carefully on the turntable, and gently lowering the needle. There was a certain joy in sitting back the gatefold cover open in your lap, studying the lyrics.

But tell that to young kids today and they won’t believe you.

Lorem Ipsum – That Difficult First Post

 A brief history of the 'lorem ipsum' text and my first blog post.

The server space is paid for, the blogging software is installed, and the layout is adjusted “just so.” Only one thing remains to be done: replace that “Lorem ipsum…” text with something else.

What better way to replace “Lorem ipsum” text than with … Lorem ipsum text.

If you have ever seen mockup for a web page, brochure, or other document, you may have encountered lorem ipsum. It is a section of Latin text that acts as a placeholder for the final copy. It looks better than “place content here,” because it more closely resembles actual text.

Lorem predates the electronic age, having being used in typesetting; some put its earliest use as 1500AD. Although the text is meaningless, it is based on Cicero’s De finibus bonorum et malorum (the original words are scrambled).

You can generate you own lorem text at If you have Microsoft Word 2007, you can generate the text by typing =lorem() followed by Enter.