Truth in Advertising?

 I Receive a Sales Call With a Very Honest Caller ID Description

I received a call from an unknown number. I presume, had I answered, the caller would have offered a chance “to lower my interest rate” or some similar enticement.

Such calls are hardly news (or blog) worthy. What is worth a comment was the caller ID description.

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Anonymous Coward?

 Anonymous Coward? Why I Also Blogged Under an Assumed Name

Astute reader(s) may notice that this blog receives infrequent updates. While this may be of little concern to anyone who is not a spam bot (my most loyal commenters), I will explain that although not updating here, I have also a secret life as an anonymous blogger.

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 A nostalgic look at Visicalc.

On a recent web wandering, I came across the official site for Visicalc. Visicalc was the first (or at least one of the very early) spreadsheet programs. From the above site, you can download a working copy of the program that will run in an MS DOS process under Windows.

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The Other Irish Diaspora

 The Other Irish Diaspora - Polar Bears May Have Irish Roots

Mass migration is a recurring part of Ireland’s history. From potato blight to economic blight the Irish have frequently needed to leave their homeland. Along with the expected Great Britain, The United States, and Australia, theIrish ended up in places such as Argentina, Mexico, and Chile.

It seems we may be able to add the Artic to that list.

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The Anti PowerPoint Political Party


Many people dislike Microsoft’s PowerPoint, some go so far as to call it evil, but a group in Switzerland has decided to make it political.

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The War Was in Color

 For Veterans Day: The War Was in Color

For Veterans Day.

A nice video that reminds us that while we remember many wars through black and white photos, they are all fought in color.

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You Know You’re Getting Old When. . .


It was recently my birthday, and in sending me best wishes my younger brother explained that: “At a certain stage it is no longer ‘happy birthday’ it is just ‘birthday.'” While I tend to agree with that statement, I feel no particular angst at getting older. However, I recently discovered a more worrying marker of aging, other than gray (and fewer) hairs, that made me reconsider.

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Low Carb

 My experiences on a low-carb diet.

Although not mainstream, low-carb eating has become more popular and accepted by health professionals. Here is a brief description of my experience of low-carb eating after about five months.

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The Logic of Failure

 The Logic of Failure by Dietrich Dorner, a Book Review

There is an old joke stating that prediction is difficult, especially regarding the future. Anyone that has ever tried to model or operate a complex system, or even gauge the effects of a change in business process, will understand how true that is. In his book The Logic Of Failure: Recognizing And Avoiding Error In Complex Situations, Dietrich Dörner explains why sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.

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16 Types

 A Quick Look at the 16 Types in Myers-Briggs Typing
This article is part of an ad-hoc collection of pieces based on Myers-Briggs temperament typing. At some point I may try and tie them all together into something more coherent. All these articles are filed under Types

In previous entries of this series we discussed Extroversion and Introversion, Sensing and Intuition, Thinking and Feeling, and finally Judging and Perceiving. In this post, we bring those for preferences together to find your type.
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