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Anonymous Coward?

 Anonymous Coward? Why I Also Blogged Under an Assumed Name

Astute reader(s) may notice that this blog receives infrequent updates. While this may be of little concern to anyone who is not a spam bot (my most loyal commenters), I will explain that although not updating here, I have also a secret life as an anonymous blogger.

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The War Was in Color

 For Veterans Day: The War Was in Color

For Veterans Day.

A nice video that reminds us that while we remember many wars through black and white photos, they are all fought in color.

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Nerds, Geeks and Dorks

 The difference between nerds, geeks and dorks explained.

As a philosopher geek it would behoove me to get my terms correct. Like many people I often use the terms “Geek,” “Nerd,” and “Dork” interchangeably. This is not strictly correct as each word has a specific, although somewhat similar, meaning. So in my geeky, or is that nerdish, way I will explain each of the words for you. [… more]

Meet The Swipples

 A Description of the Term SWPL (Stuff White People Like) and the people who belong to that group.

If you have spent much time on the blogosphere you will likely have come across the phrase SWPL (say it as “swipple”). This is an initialism meaning Stuff White People Like. That phrase comes from the satirical blog

Ostensibly the aim of StuffWhitePeopleLike is to inform a non-White person how to ingratiate themselves with the white majority. Of course this is not what it is really about. The blog brilliantly satirizes a certain segment of the population. It is the same small part of the population that David Brooks would call BoBos and some refer to as whiterpeople. This, almost entirely white, group define themselves more by attitudes than possessions. And of course those attitudes have to be “correct.” [… more]

The Nerd as Hero?

 A brief look at the 'The Nerd Series' of books by Vicki Lewis Thompson that feature nerdish heroes.

A frequent complaint from women is that there are no screen roles for the older lady. There might be an element of truth to that if you neglect actresses like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, and Judi Dench (who, at 74, goes to-to-toe with James Bond). Another neglected demographic is geeks. Pretty much any man in a geeky role is played for laughs. If he is an accountant he will be played as meek and simpering. If he is a computer or engineering type he will be played as a misfit who is socially incompetent. You can be fairly sure the role will not be heroic.

Far worse, from a nerd hero perspective, you would imagine are romance novels. You know those books whose cover features longhaired beauties falling into the arms of buff heroes. If cinema will not feature geeky heroes what hope is there for romance novels?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is there a romance novel with a nerd hero but an entire series. Yes, an entire series. [… more]

Geeky Guys and Party Girls

 Geeky Guys and Party Girls: The differences between male and female bloggers from a Myers-Briggs perspective.
This article is part of an ad-hoc collection of pieces based on Myers-Briggs temperament typing. At some point I may try and tie them all together into something more coherent. All these articles are filed under Types

Here is a stereotype for you: A guy with a blog is a geek while a girl with a blog is cool. As often happens, the stereotype has some truth. Don’t you hate it when that happens? [… more]

Does Character Still Count?

 Does Character Still Count? A discussion of character and ethics in the modern world.

Merriam Webster describes character as Sense 6: moral excellence and firmness [a man of sound character] I would describe it with the old adage: “Doing the right thing when nobody is looking.”

We live in a world that is ever more electronically connected yet personally disconnected. A world where we make deals over the telephone or by e-mail. A world where we may be no more than a price on a screen. A world where people increasingly come together for a single project and then disband to the far corners of the earth.

In such a world does that thing called character still count?  [… more]