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Truth in Advertising?

 I Receive a Sales Call With a Very Honest Caller ID Description

I received a call from an unknown number. I presume, had I answered, the caller would have offered a chance “to lower my interest rate” or some similar enticement.

Such calls are hardly news (or blog) worthy. What is worth a comment was the caller ID description.

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The Anti PowerPoint Political Party


Many people dislike Microsoft’s PowerPoint, some go so far as to call it evil, but a group in Switzerland has decided to make it political.

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You Know You’re Getting Old When. . .


It was recently my birthday, and in sending me best wishes my younger brother explained that: “At a certain stage it is no longer ‘happy birthday’ it is just ‘birthday.'” While I tend to agree with that statement, I feel no particular angst at getting older. However, I recently discovered a more worrying marker of aging, other than gray (and fewer) hairs, that made me reconsider.

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NASA Gets the Girl

 A link to a humorous video in which scientists approach the problem of approach.

Scientists approach a problem that has baffled them for years.

A group of scientists at NASA have come up with a plan to approach that cute girl.
Not entirely work safe satire from The Onion

Who said philosopher geeks are not romantic. Have a happy St Valentines Day.

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Clippy the Alpha Paperclip

 A link to a humorous video that features Clippy (the Microsoft paperclip) as a crime fighting hero.

After losing his job at Microsoft, the World’s most famous paperclip turns to fighting crime. He also gets some (unsophisticated) game.

See it on the YouTube Video (probably work safe – roughly PG rating).

Clippy as hero, almost as unlikely as a heroic nerd.

Don’t be this Guy

 Comments on the "One Man. One Dream. One Chance." (Quad Bike Guy) video

Before reading my comments take a look at this video. It is about seven minutes long, but you will probably not be able to take it all (although some women may enjoy the – work and family safe – beefcake). So when the pain gets too much skip to about 5:00 to see the point of it all. [… more]

A Real Life Femme Fatale


Some weekend fun.

One of the archetypes mentioned in my article on chick taxonomy was the Femme Fatale. Well it turns out there is a real life version posting on the Internet. Naturally, Typealyzer considers her a party girl.

Have fun nerdy reader, but beware the warnings in my taxonomy article.
The linked blog is probably not work or family safe.

The Nerd as Hero?

 A brief look at the 'The Nerd Series' of books by Vicki Lewis Thompson that feature nerdish heroes.

A frequent complaint from women is that there are no screen roles for the older lady. There might be an element of truth to that if you neglect actresses like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, and Judi Dench (who, at 74, goes to-to-toe with James Bond). Another neglected demographic is geeks. Pretty much any man in a geeky role is played for laughs. If he is an accountant he will be played as meek and simpering. If he is a computer or engineering type he will be played as a misfit who is socially incompetent. You can be fairly sure the role will not be heroic.

Far worse, from a nerd hero perspective, you would imagine are romance novels. You know those books whose cover features longhaired beauties falling into the arms of buff heroes. If cinema will not feature geeky heroes what hope is there for romance novels?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is there a romance novel with a nerd hero but an entire series. Yes, an entire series. [… more]

Auto Smilies are Evil


I love conveniences, all those little things that make my life easier. But conveniences are like a big friendly dog in that sometimes they will bite. They do not meant to hurt you, but they end up doing just that. [… more]

When Metaphors Attack

 When Metaphors Attack: Bad Corporate Information Dashboard Design
I found the (old) link listed below in my bookmarks. It was filed under “humor.”

The idea of a management dashboard is a useful metaphor.  A dashboard gives you a quick overview of your car’s systems. It alerts you to areas that might need your attention. A management “dashboard” should also give you a quick overview of the enterprise and alert you to areas that might need attention.

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