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Low Carb

 My experiences on a low-carb diet.

Although not mainstream, low-carb eating has become more popular and accepted by health professionals. Here is a brief description of my experience of low-carb eating after about five months.

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Exercise for Philosopher Geeks (Really)

 A simple exercise routine loosely based on Paleo principles.

Just because I am a blogger does not mean that I fear exercise (well maybe a little).  A healthy body is as useful as a healthy mind. Indeed there are strong links between physical fitness and a healthy brain.

Being a geek I want the most efficient routine possible. If the particular routine has some theory behind it so much the better. The routine is based on evolutionary theory (way cool right now) and takes about 40 minutes once or twice a week. That does not include 5 to 20 minutes each day for walking. This routine is not just for geeks (or philosophers), it should be simple for you to create your own version. [… more]