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NASA Gets the Girl

 A link to a humorous video in which scientists approach the problem of approach.

Scientists approach a problem that has baffled them for years.

A group of scientists at NASA have come up with a plan to approach that cute girl.
Not entirely work safe satire from The Onion

Who said philosopher geeks are not romantic. Have a happy St Valentines Day.

<3 <3 <3

A Real Life Femme Fatale


Some weekend fun.

One of the archetypes mentioned in my article on chick taxonomy was the Femme Fatale. Well it turns out there is a real life version posting on the Internet. Naturally, Typealyzer considers her a party girl.

Have fun nerdy reader, but beware the warnings in my taxonomy article.
The linked blog is probably not work or family safe.

Five Types of Chick

 Five Types of Chick: The Five Different Type of Woman You Might Meet

Obviously, my Three Types of Chick post was not really that helpful given that it was more an attempt at humor than serious analysis.  This post will be a (slightly) more serious attempt to categorize the women you might meet. [… more]

Three Types of Chick and Five Types of Guy.


When talking about dating we always seem to need to put people into categories or types.  This typing simplifies conversations. So, to help my dear readers I have created a simple list that will help categorize the women (and men) in your life. [… more]