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Truth in Advertising?

 I Receive a Sales Call With a Very Honest Caller ID Description

I received a call from an unknown number. I presume, had I answered, the caller would have offered a chance “to lower my interest rate” or some similar enticement.

Such calls are hardly news (or blog) worthy. What is worth a comment was the caller ID description.

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You Know You’re Getting Old When. . .


It was recently my birthday, and in sending me best wishes my younger brother explained that: “At a certain stage it is no longer ‘happy birthday’ it is just ‘birthday.'” While I tend to agree with that statement, I feel no particular angst at getting older. However, I recently discovered a more worrying marker of aging, other than gray (and fewer) hairs, that made me reconsider.

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Does Character Still Count?

 Does Character Still Count? A discussion of character and ethics in the modern world.

Merriam Webster describes character as Sense 6: moral excellence and firmness [a man of sound character] I would describe it with the old adage: “Doing the right thing when nobody is looking.”

We live in a world that is ever more electronically connected yet personally disconnected. A world where we make deals over the telephone or by e-mail. A world where we may be no more than a price on a screen. A world where people increasingly come together for a single project and then disband to the far corners of the earth.

In such a world does that thing called character still count?  [… more]

Exercise for Philosopher Geeks (Really)

 A simple exercise routine loosely based on Paleo principles.

Just because I am a blogger does not mean that I fear exercise (well maybe a little).  A healthy body is as useful as a healthy mind. Indeed there are strong links between physical fitness and a healthy brain.

Being a geek I want the most efficient routine possible. If the particular routine has some theory behind it so much the better. The routine is based on evolutionary theory (way cool right now) and takes about 40 minutes once or twice a week. That does not include 5 to 20 minutes each day for walking. This routine is not just for geeks (or philosophers), it should be simple for you to create your own version. [… more]

A Small Step Towards Happiness

 Turn Off Your Television, TV Makes You Unhappy

What if I told you there was one thing you could do to increase your happiness? What if I told you it required little effort and little cost? Would you be interested? [… more]

Extroverts and Introverts

 The Difference Between Extroverts and Introverts
This article is part of an ad-hoc collection of pieces based on Myers-Briggs temperament typing. At some point I may try and tie them all together into something more coherent. All these articles are filed under Types

Most people if asked to describe extroversion versus introversion would feel they have an understanding of what they mean. Most people do not mention the one thing that really differentiates the two. That difference is how they gather mental energy. [… more]