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Five Types of Chick

 Five Types of Chick: The Five Different Type of Woman You Might Meet

Obviously, my Three Types of Chick post was not really that helpful given that it was more an attempt at humor than serious analysis.  This post will be a (slightly) more serious attempt to categorize the women you might meet. [… more]

Three Types of Chick and Five Types of Guy.


When talking about dating we always seem to need to put people into categories or types.  This typing simplifies conversations. So, to help my dear readers I have created a simple list that will help categorize the women (and men) in your life. [… more]

Sheep Art

 A cool video of game of Pong created using sheep.

What do you get if you mix a herd of sheep and a bunch of LED lights?  Well according to this video you get, a game of pong, a work of art, and a firework display.  And you thought sheep were just dumb animals. The linked video is work and family safe.

Hitler Speaks Out

 Various funny mashup versions of Adolf Hitler from 'Downfall'

Every political argument sooner or later ends up with the “just like Hitler” gambit (see Godwin’s Law).  It turns out that Hitler does have things to say about the issues of the day. [… more]