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Truth in Advertising?

I received a call from an unknown number. I presume, had I answered, the caller would have offered a chance “to lower my interest rate” or some similar enticement.

Such calls are hardly news (or blog) worthy. What is worth a comment was the caller ID description.

Usually such calls display as “Out of Area,” “Unknown,” or something equally undescriptive. The caller ID was more pointed in its description for this call. It announced the call as “Phone Scam.” Perhaps the callers were hoping to disarm natural cynicism regarding unsolicited calls with such brazen honesty.


For those interested the alleged source number was 567 248 4400.

I am on (and confirmed my listing) the Do Not Call list.

Perhaps the phone company added the description in the same manner that web browsers and e-mail clients alert you to possible scam/phising attempts.

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