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Thinkers and Feelers

This article is part of an ad-hoc collection of pieces based on Myers-Briggs temperament typing. At some point I may try and tie them all together into something more coherent. All these articles are filed under Types

In Sensors and Intuitors I discussed how people take in information. In this article I discuss how they make decisions. In Jungian terms this is the “judging” function. In Myers-Briggs typing, this is the third letter of the four-letter type (Thinking or Feeling).


as you might have guessed, prefer logic and objective analysis. They tend to seek the most correct answer. They will tend to use objective and measurable data. They may neglect human interest in order to promote efficiency.
Hospital room their brain is like: Operating theater because they are clean, cool, and organized for efficiency.
Star Trek character they are most like
-Old series: Spock.1
-Next Generation: Data.2
Motto: But that is illogical.


as you might have guessed, prefer to make decisions based on person-centered values. They tend to seek the fairest answer. They prefer to use empathy and compassion to guide their decisions. They may neglect purely factual concerns in an effort to promote harmony.
Hospital room their brain is like: Children’s ward because they are warm, friendly, and organized for harmony, empathy, and good feelings.
Star Trek Character they are most like
-Old series: Mc Coy.3
-Next Generation: Deanna Troi.
Motto: Very good, Spock. We may make a human of you yet.


Yes, I did realize that I posted this the same weekend that Star Trek hit the theaters. It was all part of my plan (thinking) to give some of you a smile (feeling).
1 Just like real life thinkers, Spock (as part human) would be able to access Feeling (emotion). He is far more extreme than most real life Thinkers.
2 At some point, Data received an emotion chip. This means that he too would be able to access Feeling (emotion). This ability to switch from a preferred mode to a different one is more like real-life Thinkers.
3 Although McCoy disliked Spock’s cold logic, he was perfectly capable of using logic to solve a crisis. Just like real-life Feelers he could access logic (Thinking) but preferred Feeling.

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