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Auto Smilies are Evil

I love conveniences, all those little things that make my life easier. But conveniences are like a big friendly dog in that sometimes they will bite. They do not meant to hurt you, but they end up doing just that.

Auto smilies are one of those biting dogs. Auto smilies appear in e-mail, instant messenger, and web posting software (blogs or bulletin boards). They convert things like :) to 🙂 .

This is great except that sometimes it happens when you least expect it. It can change

6) Sixth point
7) Seventh point
8) Eight point


6) Sixth point
7) Seventh point
😎 Eight point

So your neat list of bullet points now has a dorky graphic in it. Your informative list of points now looks like a teenager’s Facebook entry. The entire matter is :redface:. It is enough to make you :mad:, :cry:, or at least :roll:.

Like I said auto smilies are :evil:.

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