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Happy Tax Day

Today is the day when we count up our tribute to our master. Today is the day when we get a glimpse at just how much of or life is given over to feeding the beast.

It is easy to lull yourself into complacency after all “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.” That would be fine if taxes were a small part of our income, but they are not.

In the last year I paid about one third of my gross income in income taxes. I lost 48 cents of each extra dollar I earned. Over the last fifteen years or so I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in income taxes. That is income taxes. It does not include property taxes, sales taxes, automobile taxes, gasoline taxes, telephone taxes, airline ticket taxes, alcohol taxes and all the other fees and imposts that government levies on us.

That money does not just represent abstract numbers. That money represents my life, my dreams, my future, being held hostage. That money could have paid for a house, provided for further education, provided security from unemployment or sickness. Many talk of “social justice,” but where is the justice in one third (or more) of my life been ripped from me under the threat of brutal force? And if you don’t believe in the “brutal force” argument just try telling the IRS “Due to other obligations, I cannot comply with your request” and see what happens.

Amendment XIII to the United States Constitution allegedly protects us from “involuntary servitude” but Amendment XVI reestablished it. From three fifths to two thirds, that is not a lot of progress.


It is interesting that Tax Day and Election Day are about as far apart as they could be. Coincidence?

Ending the payroll deduction and paying taxes monthly (like any other “utility”) might make the tax burden clearer.

If you received a refund it is not a gift, it is the return of a loan (but you knew that already)

If you received a “refund” for more than the taxes you paid then you are on welfare. You are a tax spender, not a tax payer.

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