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When Metaphors Attack

I found the (old) link listed below in my bookmarks. It was filed under “humor.”

The idea of a management dashboard is a useful metaphor.  A dashboard gives you a quick overview of your car’s systems. It alerts you to areas that might need your attention. A management “dashboard” should also give you a quick overview of the enterprise and alert you to areas that might need attention.

This entry from The Dashboard Spy shows that at least one person did not get the memo.

It was the steering wheel that did it for me. I have visions of the CEO making car noises (like a five year-old) as he looks at the screen, begging the senior accountant for “just five more minutes.”  I wonder if they used something like this to monitor all those CDO, CDS, and MBS instruments. It would explain a lot.
[On a previous assignment we called our “dashboard” a “cockpit.” Partly because it contained some aircraft style dials, but mostly because it sounded cooler.  We did not include pictures of a joystick or ejector seat.]

In case the linked site is not available, here is a copy of the dashboard image.

Dashboard metaphor gone bad

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